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April 2016

It has been a busy season particularly on the match front but behind the scenes as well. We have long been used to the membership letting the committee get on with it with very poor turn outs at our AGM, but this year the AGM in November saw very few of the committee take part due to illness and unavailability so as a result no changes were made to any rules.

Membership has stayed about the same and we have kept a close eye on our finances so a very easy decision was taken to hold prices for another season particularly as our affiliations have also done this.

Last season saw the permits stocked at the new tackle outlet in Basingstoke – Bato Baits – and they did a good job for us so we will continue to have our permits on sale there for the new season as well as at Tadley Angling. New permits are expected to be sent out and available in shops towards middle of May, but those applying by post please do so as soon as possible , the new application form can be downloaded now.


For some years numbers joining RDAA have reduced but last season saw more anglers returning to the rivers and lakes as the matches saw improved form. The River Kennet has shown best returns for over seven years with an abundance of silver fish showing –particularly Dace and quality Roach. The specimen hunters have also been rewarded with good Barbel and Chub caught. Even the RDAA matches held on the first Sunday of the month has seen Barbel caught which in recent years has not been the case. Longwater Lake (located at the back of the Reading football ground) was opened up to matches last season and some cracking weights were returned to the clubs that took the venue on. The Thames fished as well as it always does and the canal returned magnificent weights through the autumn and winter. RDAA have a very good stocking policy for the lakes by growing on specimen carp and introducing them to their specimen lakes but they are now developing their own Kennet Roach Project for introducing the species in their thousands to the Kennet in a similar way that the Avon Roach project works. (Check out the Avon Roach Project on the interweb). Why not take advantage of the cheap rate we give on Reading permits by enhancing your membership to include their waters next season. River fishing is very rewarding and a different art to the carp holes that abound in the area, and at the same time there are 11 lakes to take on which hold good quality Carp as well as record breaking Bream.



Every year we have to remind members that our own venue, Willow Pool, is a privilege that we are lucky to have. It keeps our club going and therefore it should be treated as a jewel in the crown to be protected. Our fishery officer Scott works hard when he can, keeping the venue in shape, but Scott, like most of the committee, is in full time employment and so cannot always be at the venue all the time. So please help him by TAKING ALL LITTER HOME with you even if it isn’t yours. There will be a work party at the venue on Sunday 20 May to tidy everything up and collect that litter.

Once again the reminders why this is so important as the consequences if this continues are severe. The first thing that happens is that discarded bait and litter attracts rats – and boy do we have rats, big ones! Secondly it is a requirement of our lease to keep the venue tidy, therefore litter puts our continued presence at the venue at risk. By venue we mean from the gates at the road to the whole area within. We know this repeats the message from last year but it is so important and there are cameras watching so there is no escape if caught!

Please refer to the rules on our website – yes there are some – and try to observe the unusual rules such as one rod per angler only at Willow Pool between May and October. Do not leave a line in the water unattended as the fish have often taken the rod and reel for a swim in the past. Do not fish bolt rigs or barbed hooks and always use a landing net to lift fish from the water and please do not use a keep net for too long or at all if you have no intention of photographing the catch.

The Society is indebted to the small band of volunteers on the committee to maintain a club that functions well. Help them by keeping to the rules and try to help at the work party.


Friday 5th November 2015

Trevor Occomore bags an estimated 4lb+ Perch at Willow Pool.. See page 3 of the Gallery for photograph of this lovely Perch.

The Match Section of the website (which includes all the latest match results and leagues) has now been updated.

Christmas Match...... Nick Sargeant is now taking bookings for the Christmas match at Dandy's Ford Fishery. Ensure you book in early.

Page updated by the junior webmaster........



We are well into the new season now and we hope that the fishing has been good for you.

As in all sports we have a body that sits at the top trying to support our sport against those that either against or can impact our own. Current issues are cormorant predation, poaching, clash of cultures and canoes.

The body that represents us and which we as a Society are members of is The Anglers Trust. As a  club membership gives us a good deal on public liability insurance which helps to keep membership costs down (by about £2 per member) when taken as a whole, helps gives us a voice in the angling world, organises national angling competitions, and fights those national problems that anglers have with other orgnisations.

There is no doubt that in recent years the influx of east European people that have entirely different views to fishing has caused friction but with the help of Anglers Trust this is starting to recede with the various groups set up to explain that fishing is a sport and has an etiquette different to that in their own country. RDAA have worked hard with the local Polish community to build links and where we used to see the wholesale slaughter (to eat) of coarse fish, this is not now the case. The Anglers Trust has helped with translation and advice in this area.

The influx of cormorants destroying our fish stocks has been a long battle with the RSPB to try to get understanding on both sides where now we are on the verge of being able to control this pest.

The latest problem is these canoe “ramblers” who think they have the right to canoe on any water anywhere. The Anglers Trust is now taking up the fight to stop this on private waterways and hopefully some sort of agreement will find a way where both parties can enjoy their hobby without the current friction that exists.

The Anglers Trust work hard to bring to justice those that pollute our waterways so it is without doubt an organisation we should all support. Individual membership has advantages with discount on tackle and equipment. Currently the Trust is seeking people to fill in their on-line survey please do so by following the link. whether you are a member or not to help map the future of Angling.

Plenty of fish are being caught all over with good catches reported on the Thames and Kennet. The biggest winning weight for some years on the RDAA match greeted the new season in July and the weight per angler is very much higher than last season. The Thames is also producing good weights. The Kennet seems to have an explosion of dace as they seem to be the prominent species in match catches but quality roach and chub have also shown.

On our own venue, Willow Pool, good catches of Carp, Bream and Chub have been reported and the recently introduced Tench are also showing. We are investigating what appears to be an attempt to steal fish from the venue although this has yet to be confirmed. This as a result of one of our members reporting suspicious activity and evidence. Keep that sort of information coming in as you are our eyes on the banks.

As we enter the autumn please keep safe on what will become slippery banks as the wet weather starts to approach and enjoy what is believed to be the best time to fish the rivers before the canals take preference come November. Of course if your view on fishing is to fish carp commercials then it doesn’t matter as they fish all year round.


We are now into a new season by four weeks and it has given us the chance to assess how the rivers are after one of the worst winters of flooding in recent memory. The first matches on the Kennet have shown that despite all the flooding the fish have survived. If anything the river looks right on the mark and the RDAA match last weekend showed a total weight that doubled the corresponding weight of last year. so any fears are dispelled with Chub and barbel showing frequently on the beats and matches. that isn't to say the river is perfect but certainly good sport is still to be had. the Thames too is fishing well for Roach with good weights on matches. the main problem has been the overall change to the banks which have eroded away badly in some areas and demand extreme care when venturing out. having said that a superb job has been done by the RDAA fishery team in getting some swims back in order.

We at Adventure have found the closure of the last tackle shop in Basingstoke quite difficult as this was our main source of permit sales. Please remember that you can renew by post or at Tadley Angling

Our club matches are going very well with some big weights being landed from the usual commercial catching venues but don't ever believe that is fishing in a true sense of the word, seeing a stick float going down a steady river is still my idea of true fishing but we all have our opinions!

Nevertheless if hauling out 100lb plus Carp is your sort of fishing then get along to one of our matches and visit some new venues


Well we said there would be more news in January but time has flown by. Your Secretary is now facing life with a partial knee replacement and once the recovery was complete has been very busy workwise hence it has taken so long to put some updates here.

Another season as it used to be is now over and the hard work starts for the committee for the next season. The challenges are permit pricing, newsletters, match bookings, work on venues etc but as we all know we would all rather continue fishing. An additional obstacle facing the Society this year is that of where and how we sell the permits. The closure of Basingstoke Angling Centre at Christmas basically now renders Basingstoke as a tackle shop free zone. The margins for tackle dealers are being eaten way alarmingly fast. Most shops will have many people in them but in reality all they are doing is looking at what is for sale and then buying cheaper on the internet. However the sale of maggots and other baits is not that easy or possible on the internet and so the anglers of Basingstoke now have to make a 20 mile round trip to Tadley to buy their bait. You add up all that petrol in future was it worth saving that fiver on a keepnet?

Back to the point of permit sales we will be relying on postage and Tadley Angling to sell/stock our permits. The committee is also looking to move into the 21st century and be able to sell permits on line but this normally comes with commission and so it inevitably means that costs to the angler will increase accordingly. We are also looking to hold a permit night locally where members can come and renew permits without having to pay postage and meet the increasingly uglier committee members for a chat at the same time. If we do this the news will be posted here in advance.For the record there will be small price rises for most but in all cases we are passing on the rises that have been imposed upon us by the Associations we affiliate to

The floods of January and February have created some real shocking damage to the rivers and canals locally it is well worth visiting the RDAA website (go to Links and click the button) to see what has happened by a you tube videohe Fishery Officer's diary and a comprehensive list of damage can also be found on the news part of RDAA website. We haven't been without our own problems at Willow Pool but the land owner has reacted swiftly and it is still possible to go fishing there. The gate is currently off its hinges but the track has been scraped in readiness for repair. We hope all this will be completed in the next few months.

We do have a cormorant problem at Willow Pool and we need all reports of cormorant sightings reported to as this will inform more in readiness to apply for a license to "scare" the critters away. Also of concern is the amount of litter that is being left behind at the venue. It is a condition of our lease that litter is not left at the venue. It attracts rodents and other vermin, is unsightly and can be harmful to other wildlife (deer are frequent visitors to the venue). Please take it home or lose the venue - is it really much of a choice? It would also assist us that even if the litter is not your own that you also collect and take it home with you.

Newsletter and application forms will be issued soon and finally for now remember to renew your rod licence before fishing and leave the rivers, Basingstoke Canal and Kennet & Avon Canal below Newbury alone until 16 June.


The AGM this year was a total disaster. We can only apologise to the one member that ventured out on a cold night with England attempting to agitate a bag of air on the tele against Germany on the same evening. The upshot is that there was poor communication within the committee and we were unable to hold the meeting as a room had not been booked.

Because of this we will attempt to hold the AGM on the last Tuesday of January (28/1/14) instead.

Our match section failed to repeat their Evening Post Teams of 6 title on the RDAA match in October. However once again we had the individual overall winner in Nobby Branton and the team went down galliantly finishing second. We have wonderful river anglers in this club and it is rare for us not to be towards the top in this match which has most clubs from RDAA competing, if only more of them did not fish the RDAA matches regularly we could feature in the overall club championship each year. But this gripe apart a big well done to them for a good show once again.

Christmas is now approaching and if you want to fish our Christmas match then get in touch with Nick Sargeant (his phone number is on the permit) This is always a good day out with plenty of prizes and raffles and all sorts of little competitions going on. It is held at the Dandy's Ford Fishery at Sherfield English (7 miles from Romsey) and there are great facilities there to have breakfast before and for the prize giving after. Most anglers have about three keepnets on the go as the fishing can be prolific, and all are supplied by the fishery so the only wet nets in the car going home are landing nets. If you fancy it give Nick a ring.

We are also now entering the tough part of the season as the fish shoal up and the art of catching them gets a little more difficult. There are still good catches to be had and the RDAA venues fishing well are Mapledurham (in the woods of Beat 1) and Wallingford A on the Thames, but these will reduce as the cold sets in. Froxfield A by the road is fishing well for silvers which is great news as the pound was emptied for work but it does seem to be coming back to form. What we really need there is for the illegal mooring to be addressed by the Canal and Rivers Trust but they don't seem to have the guts or capability to do it.

Have a good Christmas and more news in January.




As members of the Anglers Trust we have already seen many benefits to membership with reduced insurance payments etc. The Trust would also like to see individual membership rise so that they can carry on the good work with lobbying parliament etc to protect all anlers rights and fisheries. To that end they have released a new scheme which is copied here in full:-

We've responded to feedback from anglers by introducing a new monthly subscription option. Individual members can now spread the cost of Angling Trust membership over 12 months by paying just £2.50 a month with Direct Debit. As the nominated Primary Contact for your club we are asking you to please pass on this news to your club’s members by forwarding them this email.

The more members of our affiliated clubs that join us as Angling Trust individual members the more political clout and resources we will have to run campaigns and take action on issues like poaching, pollution, commercial over-fishing at sea and predation.

For £2.50 (...yes that's less than the price of a pint of beer!) each month all anglers will now know they are doing the right thing and supporting their sport's representative organisation, and the work of Fish Legal, in the same way that birdwatchers join the RSPB or shooters join BASC. What's more, individual members get great benefits like public liability insurance worth £14.99, two magazines a year, monthly e-news and up to 20% off fishing permits, tackle and books.

This new monthly payment option will make it easier for those who prefer to pay for individual membership of the Angling Trust in instalments rather than in a single £25 lump sum.

To set up a £2.50 Direct Debit payment your club’s members just need to go to or call 0844 77 00 616 (Option 1). For those who prefer to pay in one single payment there's still a one-off £25 option for adult members instead.

The total of £30 for 12 X £2.50 monthly instalments reflects the administrative fees we have to pay for taking 12 Direct Debit payments.

We would like to see as many of our members as possible join the Anglers Trust and support this initiative to help with this



We are now over two months into another season and there has been little to report. We do stil have some problems at Willow Pool with travellers in the area. As a result in May we put a combination lock on the gate so that there was a deterrent to the travellers getting to the venue - mainly to prevent them getting on the land rather than the threat to the fish. Now locks are expensive, and whilst this seemed to work, it has since been stolen by someone and so we were back to square one. Those of you that frequent the venue will know that another lock has appeared, welded to the chain. Unfortunately we were unable to get a similar lock and so the combination is now in numbers rather than letters. To find out the number then please phone Roger Sargeant (number is on the permit same as for exchange tickets).

The fishing has been steady but we suspect there are a couple of rogue anglers trying to remove fish from the venue. We do not believe they are members and we hope to catch them but if you do suspect anyone of this report it to the bailiff, do not tackle anyone on your own, but do ask people for a permit and remind them that it is private property and to leave if they cannot provide a valid permit there and then. The usual excuse is the permit is in the post, left at home or in the car etc. No permit is valid unless accompanied by the photo and in the persons' possession, so you as a member have the right to ask someone to leave, but we stress that only do this if you are confident that you can handle any confrontation. If in doubt report it to the fishery officer hotline.

On RDAA waters the river fishing is proving sketchy with the hot weather, clear waters and low flows, but the Thames is starting to hit top form now with very good bags of quality Roach at Sandford and Wallingford but do not ignore Sonning and Mapledurham. The Barbel continue to be caught on the Kennet in large numbers, and whilst the lakes have suffered in the heat, those fishing for specimen carp at night have not been disappointed with Farnham Flint, Whistley Mill and Pingewood delivering good catches.

The canal at Midgham is proving to provide good sport mainly on the outfall swim for large Bream but also through the wooded area for Tench. A very under rated venue earl;y and late whilst the boats operate. One of RDAA's better venues at Froxfield on the canal was recently put up for sale and the Association have been successful in buying the fishing rights there. Another venue now secured rent free for as long as the Association exists. Such a lot of hard work goes into running the Association so it is a shame that people continue to look to commercial venues at £10 a day when quality fishing on RDAA waters for the season are so cheap.

Our exchange venues this season are very good and the lake at Normandy (between Aldershot and Guildford) on the Cove permit has provided good sport.

Our AGM is on 19 November at Jolly Farmer Cliddesden please try to be there. Many of you will not have seen our Secretary on the banks fishing over the past year. This is because of an ongoing knee problem which requires a partial replacement and this is pencilled in for November so he may not be able to attend the AGM but it will still go ahead (both the op and the meeting!!) We can tell you that he is missing the fishing and not being a lover of commercial catch type venues where he could possibly still attend but more of the long walk along canals and river banks for proper hard fishing type of angling we hope that the op will be a success and he will return next season.

Finally the Anglers Trust have announced that the days of the protection of Cormorants are numbered. As soon as we get rid of these destructive birds from inland waters the better.

SUNDAY 12 MAY 2013



Our 2013/2014 permits are now available for sale in Basingstoke Angling Centre. You can start fishing at Willow Pool straight away.

permits should be in Tadley angling from Thursday 16 May 2013


At present there are travellers camping in proximity to the entrance of Willow Pool and there is a concern that they may migrate to within the bounds of our fishery. In an effort to prevent this occurrance a combination padlock has been installed on the gate, the code will be quoted in next years permit which should be available by 8 May. Meanwhile please phone Roger whose telephone number is in your current permit. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause but please appreciate that it is intended for the benefit of your fishery.

The recent RDAA Prize giving night was attended by Dave Harold to present the trophies. A keen river angler he announced that there will be a natural fishing competition to rival Fishomania. What a good idea for many years now anglers have been fishing commercial fisheries thinking that if they don't catch 100lb of fish they have failed! True it is a fact that you catch more at these venues but the actual art of trotting a stick float down a river is being lost and this competition hopefully will return the river anglers to the fold of match fishing and club membership.

There will be a qualifier on the River Thames and we hope some of our local river specialists will take part as we know there are some in this Society capable of lifting the £10000 first prize!

Permits are taking shape and we hope to start sending these out from 13 May with availability in the shops from that date as well.


Well another season is over and while some of you will start to come out of hibernation from what has been a long hard winter  to venture out on to the bank it now becomes a busy time for the club officials as we arrange for new permits to be printed, newsletters to be written, and work parties to begin.

The winter has certainly taken its toll and we will be looking to see what remidial work needs doing at Willow Pool because the constant wet weather for most of last year twinned with the three months of very low temperatures means that many of the jobs that our Fishery Officer takes on have had to be abandoned. Therefore if some of you can get to the venue on 18 May then it will be appreciated as that is the day that work will take place. Bigger work is also required and we will be talking with the land owner to try to repair the track which is very rutted.

Membership has fallen this past season and as a result we have had a very hard time deciding our prices for next season particularly as we are all tightening our belts but for the club to survive we need to cover our expenditure and so we have had little alternative to pass on the increases that other bodies have asked of us.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exchange with Cove AC which will allows our members to fish their prolific lakes in the Theale area. We hope this will soften the blow of an increase in prices. Permits will be available in mid May at Basingstoke Angling Centre and Tadley Angling  Centre and application forms should start appearing in your inboxes from today and for download from this website on the Contact Us page.

Tight Lines


A big thank you to all of you that attended the AGM at the end of November it was so good to see so many members turn up to discuss how the club should go forward and suggestions for improvement in the future....NOT!

Only one member showed up in reality and so the business was concluded quickly.

I can remember when we had over 700 members and the Wote Street Club was full on our AGMs but a sign of the times is that many clubs face the future with no real ownership by the members and existing on a very few (mainly of pensionable age) people willing to give a little time and, in our Fishery Officer's case, energy to keep the club going. However that is what we will do - we will keep going as long as possible with the people we have as there seems little appetite for anyone else to have a go!

For the record financially the club is ok but we will have to watch our step after a 20% fall in membership this season. The committee will have to take some practical measures to ensure that finances are protected.

The weather has seen little action on the bank for many of you. I think with the wet weather it is easier to wait for the bank to come to me rather than go out fishing!! What a change from last March when a hosepipe ban was enforced due to drought conditions. All I can say is this must be the wettest drought in history!

I hope that all of you have a great Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year and if you do venture out over the next couple of weeks TIGHT LINES!

From Club Secretary.



Last Sunday saw the Reading Evening Post Team Championships held on The River Kennet for RDAA affiliated clubs. Traditionally Adventure has always entered a team and over the years performed well against bigger clubs entering more teams. Last season we finished 2nd overall and in 2006 we actually won it. Well it is now in our hands again as our marvellous team romped home by a point from a strong Yotac team. Our team consisted of our regular RDAA match anglers Nick Richardson (Captain) Bob Pontin, Sean Barrington, Nobby Branton, Paul Wilding and Scott Nelson. Both Nobby and Paul managed to win their sections which always puts the team in with a good chance and all the others managed to support well with high finishes in their sections. Even though the conditions were challenging after a week of rain and a very cold night before, 13 teams entered this year so it was no mean task to win. In addition Nobby managed third overall.

We are coming to that time of year when the committee start to think about the AGM. Once again this will be held at The Jolly Farmer Pub Cliddesden on Tuesday 27 November 2012 so try to be there promptly for an 8 pm start.

A worrying trend that is happening in our area is for goldfish to be released in to local waters. This is not only a huge risk to the resident fish but also illegal. We know that our own venue has seen some introduced. We hope it isn't any of our members, but if it is, stop right now. We do not want a repeat of what happened in 2007 at Burghfield whereby all the lakes in the vicinity were put at risk due to Koi- herpes disease started by illegal stocking of goldfish.

We have seen a worrying fall in membership this year. We hope it is due to weather and the Olympics, but we need our members to spread the word and encourage others to join.
There has also been confusion over the Spouse permit with some members believing this allows fishing at Willow pool. This permit was introduced to allow partners on the venue but not to fish. To clear this up we will rename it as a non fishing permit for next season.

Until next time tight lines.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Well I hope the season has started well for you and you are catching a lot of fish!

The appalling weather has probably put a lot of you off going but for the specimen anglers among you it has been a wonderful start to the season. Barbel are showing a plenty particularly at Lower Benyons where fish to 17lb have already been caught. The lakes are also faring well with three different 40lb plus carp banked at Farnham Flint and numerous double figure Tench having been caught at Englefield Lagoon and Whistley Mill. Just visit the RDAA website and read the entertaining Fishery Officer's diary for big catches.

The high water levels and heavy flows are obviously contributing to these catches. On one of our own matches at Hambridge on the Civil Service stretch of the Kennet, Barbel were caught (and lost!) as well as Grayling and large bags of dace. This is the old Kennet way of fishing.

If you are a regular reader here but haven't joined yet then look what you are missing!

Well we are now less than two weeks away from that "event". As a public transport worker in London we have been planning for the "O" event for the last 6 years and as a result I will be out and about for most of the fortnight managing queues etc. as the greatest show on earth takes place, so my fishing trips will be curtailed somewhat.

If only fishing made up part of the Olympics I think GB would have outstanding medal hopes. Having watched the 19th fishomania yesterday there is no doubt a great wealth of talent within match fishing, but we all have to remember that match fishing only takes up a small proportion of anglers. The majority of people just want to have a pleasant time on the bank trying to catch that personal best whatever the species.

The Times fishing column was recently quite critical of match fishing and commercial fisheries in general, but they failed to report that a great many of match anglers are the people that keep the clubs going. This is extremely true of our own club with only our chairman not participating in matches. All other committee members are regulars on our club matches and it is our match anglers that have raised well over £2000 towards the cost of stocking of Willow Pool.

I wish that people would just be more tolerant of each others interests and accept the different forms of fishing as equal -  shame on The Times newspaper!  It reminds me of a oneliner joke I heard recently - Trainspotters what are they all about I counted four this morning!

Until next time tight lines.

Sunday 10 June 2012


There are only 6 days left before the new season takes off. If you haven't renewed your membership yet then please do. We still offer outstanding value for money and with Barbel now reported as being caught at Willow Pool there will be many new challenges to face this coming season. Basingstoke Angling Centre and adley angling have permits available now.

We have had reports of 100lb+ bream hauls from Willow Pool in a single visit so you know that it makes sense to join again.

A reminder that not only does the new season start on Saturday 16 June but we are also reflecting on last season with our presentation night at Basingstoke Golf Club. This is a really good niight and with tickets at just £20 per person good value too. 3 course dinner and entertainment from Clockwork Fly make up the majority of the night and a little back slapping from all those who won trophies in our match section will take up about 30 minutes. A raffle will be held as well so all in a good night out. Treat your partner to good food, good music, and good company. Beats watching 22 highly paid blokes agitating a bag of wind on the telly!
Contact Nick Sargeant for tickets

RDAA have been advised that during October and November 2012 and possibly into December 2012 BWB will be working on the lock at Froxfield. This will mean a partial closure of A section during this period. Please check water bookings list with your permit and visit for changes and additions to the list before venturing out.

Wishing you all a successful season

Tight Lines

Saturday 12 May 2012

Permits have now arrived and we will be sending out to all those who have applied through the coming week. If you haven't yet sent your application in then please do as the earlier we receive them the better. One item of note to all those purchasing RDAA permits this year. The car park stickers are small transfer stickers for the car and can be found loose in the booklet. They can be easily lost so please ensure that you have one and that you keep it safe until you use it.

Basingstoke Angling Centre will have a small stock to begin with from today and this will be built up during the week. For those unaware Basingstoke Angling Centre has moved from its Cranbourne Way site to the Business Park next door to B&Q opposite the football ground on Winchester Road. Coming from the Winchester Road Roundabout towards Brighton Hill they are on the left after B&Q and before the traffic lights to Toys R Us.

We hope to also have a small supply at Tadley Angling today as well.

A big angling event is coming to Basingstoke on 30 May when the Association of Barbel Fishers holds an evening of talks and demonstartions at the Railway Club (at the back of Basingstoke Station. Anyone can go full details below,

 The Association of Barbel Fishers Invite you to an informal evening with the experts.


Len Arbery: All round angling legend
Ray Walton: Unrivaled rolling meat supremo and keen conservation campaigner
Keith Speer: King of the stick and pin
Plus a presentation by both:
The Thames Anglers Conservancy
(Fighting to protect the River Thames and it’s anglers)
Action for the River Kennet Group
(Campaigning to protect the River Kennet)
Learn of the invaluable work carried out by these two very important conservation groups.
The evening will consist of an open forum where Len, Ray, Keith and the representatives from the TAC and ARK invite questions from the audience on both angling and conservation issues.
Paul Whiteing the centrepin guru, will be on hand with a selection of pins and rods for your viewing pleasure.
(Note: Paul is not in the tackle trade, but will have some new and used centrepins for sale.)
Wednesday 30th May 2012
Basingstoke Railway Social Club
Northside, Station Approach, Basingstoke, RG21 5NB.
7.00pm for a 7.30pm start
Full bar available in the private function room

The cost is £5

If anyone has the time to spare then please lend a hand to the Basingstoke Canal on Saturday 19 May at Tuppers Flash. The association are looking for members to to do a little litter clearing and minor bank work there and will welcome some willing hands. Tuppers Flash is at Ash Vale station. It is a venue that your secretary knows well as he lived in that area as a boy and the flash was a great fishing spot. It still provides outstanding fishing so if you can spare the time please do so. 

Our Annual Prize Giving night is on Saturday 16 June 2012 at Basingstoke Golf Club. Please contact Roger Sargeant for tickets. There will be a raffle and a three course meal and the entertainment is provided by Clockwork Fly who are an outstanding duo playing hits from the past. Its a really good night out and the more that go the merrier. More details can be found in the Match Section. Whilst this is prize giving night for the successful match anglers any member can go to meet the committee and generally have an enjoyable time, and the actual prize giving only takes about 30 minutes of the evening. The main focus is to chat and have a good time.

Sunday 25 March 2012


Another season has drawn to a close and what a mixed time was had by all. The Thames fished extremely well throughout the season and even on the last day catch reports were good particularly at Wallingford where the RDAA stretch saw plentiful catches of barbel and chub throughout February and March.

This goes to show that a bit of water and flow can change things for the better when it comes to river fishing. The flow is good on the Kennet but the levels are very low and with the drought conditions forecast there is real concern at the Environment Agency regarding this wonderful river. Currently the levels at Upper Benyons are no more than 18 inches and you can literally walk across the river. Why oh why do we allow the water extraction at Axford to continue?

Members will have noticed the work that has taken place at our own venue Willow Pool. We have recently had another stocking of fish into the venue which equates to over £2000 invested in fish stocks in the last year. This time we have introduced a controversial fish in lakes - barbel. As a committed river and canal angler myself I wasn't in favour of this but barbel are proving throughout the country that they can survive in lakes and apparently Willow Pool is an ideal type of water to stock them. We will see but if the Kennet and other rivers continue to lose water levels then it is probably a good thing that these strong fighting fish are adapting to lakes.

We are now approaching a very busy time in the committee calender as we look at our finances and  prepare for another season. Obviously we will try to keep prices as low as we can but we also need to prepare for the future with more fish stocking. RDAA prices have risen by £3 for Senior and OAP/DIS permits so we will see what we can do to absorb some of this and offer good value. We have already received two applications for next season on old forms - Sorry good try but we will need to advise these people that they need to provide a little more money for the permits.

Matches through the period of March to June are still taking place on the commercials and canals so please keep supporting the matches during this time. It may be worth checking the RDAA website for matches at Froxfield during the close season.

Our April newsletter is currently being written and will be emailed or posted as soon as it is ready. Again this is quite a sizable piece of work but this is our main vehicle for sending out the new application forms and keeping all informed of what is going on.

We look forward to your continued support in the new season

Tight Lines


 Thursday 22 December 2011


Well the Christmas festivities are nearly upon us but this hasn't topped the club events recently. Another disappointing turn out for our AGM in November for the second year running. We can only assume that the membership is happy with the way the Society is being run. Finances are fairly healthy and the only change is to the number of meetings the committee hold each year which is now six times a year including the AGM.

As someone who struggles to know what to get family for Christmas I like to think that as an angler I am easy to buy for - with two tackle shops nearby there is always something I need to help the fishing - but what you cannot get is luck and this year has seen very little of the good kind of luck in matches for me. But I will be back out soon after Christmas for another go. For the match anglers amongst us there is an Open on RDAA's Froxfield venue on Thursday 29 December. If you are bored with the drivel served up on telly and need to get some fresh air after all the drinking and eating why not sign up to this match. All details on RDAA website or just give Mick Sheasby a call.

Adventure's own Christmas match was held at Dandy Fords near Romsey earlier this month and whilst the fishing was hard for most (yes even commercial catcheries - as I call them - can struggle at times) a good day was had by all. The after event buffet in the tea room there was excellent and every angler won a prize based on where they came in the match. The raffle was well supported and some good prizes were won. This was an excellent day despite the wind and rain and my heartfelt thanks go to Nick and Roger Sargeant  for organiing everything.

So as we come to the end of another year may offer my thanks to all for their support to the Society whether it is as an ordinary member or someone that goes a little further and gives time to the Society and wish everyone of you a happy Christmas and tight lines for the new year.

Paul Wilding, Secretary.

Sunday 30 October 2011

Hello members and non members alike! It has been a little while since an update. Most of the time is spent either working or fishing so it is a bit difficult trying to keep this up to date.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 29 November 2011 at the Jolly Farmer Cliddesden start 8pm. Last year we held the AGM on the first day of snowfall and only 3 people turned up. Hopefully we will see a few more of you this time.

Fishing has been fairly steady and if you also fish Reading waters then you will know that the Thames has fished extremely well through the summer at Wallingford and Sandford. The Canals are now starting to produce so that is where you will find the match anglers for the next few months.

Willow Pool is fishing ok but not spectacular. There have been big weights but there have also been disappointing days. That is the way of fishing - we cannot always guarantee to catch if so it would be called catching!!
Good news is that membership has held up well this season and with some of the donations received the committee will soon be looking to invest in more fish for Willow Pool.

The committee has not changed much over the last few years and there have been some grumblings heard on the banks about the stocking policy. The only way to change any policy is to go to the AGM so if you don't vote then you cannot really moan.

Until next time when hopefully weather permitting a full AGM report will appear here

Tight Lines

Sunday 24 July 2011

Well we are over a month into the "season" and things are moving along well.

Membership seems to be fairly stable and it needs to be, as the bills have been paid, and we now need to get the funds together for the coming year.

The Basingstoke Canal are still looking for volunteers for the national they are holding in August. Please go to their website for more details. They are offering £40 to steward on the day.

Match turnouts have been quite good. Your editor fished the last RDAA match at the beginning of the month (the only time I have fished so far) and came second in mysection on Beat 4. One lost Bream at the net and the fact that all the fish I did catch came in the last 15 minutes show that another 30 minutes and I would have been in the money for an overall prize. Such is fishing.

Other than that it has been a quiet time and it remains for me to thank all of you old and new for joining the Society this year.



Sat 7 May 2011

Pleased to report that after an unavoidable delay in printing we now have all the permits ready for distribution. Therefore those of you who have applied by post should see your permits coming through your door towards the end of this week.

Shops should have a supply of permits by next Saturday so it is all systems go.

Please remember that RDAA permits will look very different this year. They will be in the form of a credit card which you should always have on your person and the small booklet acts as your water bookings sheet, list of venues and car park permit. This therefore should be clearly visible in the car when in RDAA car parks. Codes to car parks will not be valid until 16 June so please do not break locks to get in to car parks use the old codes until then. Last year the association had to purchase many locks at £25 per time. This means that money is going to this rather than fish and venues.

The warm weather recently has shown how dry the ground is so when visiting venues please be careful with cigarettes etc. We don't want a Swinley Forest situation. Recent research has shown that throwing cigarette ends into the water is harmful to the fish (many carp mistake these for food) so again refrain from extinguishing cigarette ends in this manner.

Sat 23 April 2011

Hello all and sorry for lack of updates recently. We will be sending out newsletters to all soon together with application forms for next season. You should also be able to download the application form from this website.

As of today your Secretary has become a grandfather again and now has a granddaughter to add to his grandson and future angler Max. Her name is Erin Grace and mother and baby are doing well!

On to proper angling news and included below are items that will appear in the newsletter in more detail.

We are pleased to report that our association with Willow Pool will continue for another ten years after our Chairman and Secretary met with the land owners in February to agree an extension. This is great news as we know how many of you enjoy fishing at the venue.

Many of you will remember that we asked for donations towards a fish fund when joining the club last year and a magnificent sum of just under £300 was raised. Of course we wouldn’t introduce new fish without the lease being secure and so we have held back any fish buying until then. With a slight increase in membership as well, the Treasurer has managed to find funds to match this amount and add £500, and the match section boys have also come up with another £200. This means that this month an introduction of 115lb of Bream, and 100lb of Carp has taken place and all the fish have taken well to the venue with no visible deaths of new fish. A big thank you to all those who contributed and so that we don’t rest on our laurels we will keep the voluntary box on the permit application going.

Those that have fished Willow Pool recently will be encouraged by the skimmers and silver fish showing among the usual big carp that have really outgrown the venue. It was always our intention to filter out the really big fish but to sell them on is quite difficult as we need a section 30 permission to move them and this costs the lives of at least 30 fish to test for any disease. So we have decided to keep them in situ for now.
Some of you who fish Willow Pool on a regular basis will be disturbed by the amount of fly tipping that took place over Christmas. Scott Nelson our fishery officer has taken this up with Basingstoke Council and with some evidence found at the scene he has given a witness statement should the council trace the culprits and prosecute. In the meantime Scott with the help of Keith Pentlow has had most of the rubbish removed and Basingstoke Council also kindly removed bigger items.
This demonstrates the issues that can be faced by people who just want to go fishing and by volunteers to help run organizations such as ours. If any of you feel that you can offer a service to the Society as a committee member or as a growing band of helpers behind the scenes then let the Secretary know.
Every year becomes more difficult in pitching permit prices and this year has proven to be even more of a challenge. RDAA have seen a near 20% fall in membership which has lead to a £3 increase in their permits and a reduction of venues with Northmoor on the Thames near Oxford being relinquished together with the Calcot Mill venue on the Holy Brook. These venues were little used, and certainly with the price of petrol as it is, the distance to Northmoor was such that clubs were rarely using it for matches even though it was a good match venue which threw up the winning weight when the Thames was last used for a national. We know that members are beginning to feel the squeeze on finances as the recession and government cuts start to take affect but that also applies to us and we feel that our policy of little increases each year instead of large ones after a couple of years is a better policy. After careful consideration the committee has agreed to only add £1 to our own permit prices this year and £2 to RDAA permit prices. This represents a slight risk to our revenue because we will be absorbing some of the RDAA increase, but we hope that all of you will renew for another year and encourage others to do so. Every year we tell you what good value the fishing is. If in doubt go to websites of other clubs and associations and see for yourself the prices charged which are significantly higher than any of ours.
Finally keep supporting us and good luck whilst out and about fishing - and don't forget you need a new rod licence now!

Sat 4 December 2010

The bad weather seems to have hit more than the fishing as only 3 people turned up for the AGM.! It was very tempting to pass a rule for the Treasurer to buy us all a drink but we managed to resist the temptation.

The main points to note from the AGM are that we have increased our membership and delivered a small profit for the year. There will be no rule changes for next season and all the current occupants of committee roles will remain the same. Just remember the RDAA permit changes as reported in October.

The RDAA Christmas Match on Sunday 5 December has also become a casualty as the country seems to grind to a halt as the snow and ice takes a firm grip. At the time of writing this there does appear to be a thaw but Mike Sheasby the match secretary of RDAA advised me that the ice was unbreakable at Froxfield.

This is traditionally a quiet period for the club where the officials can take a rest but for our secretary he now starts looking to next season as he also fulfills the task of water booking secretary for RDAA. These are due by 19 December before he spends the yuletide festivities working out which club fishes where.

So it remains for us all here to wish our members a Happy Christmas and a fruitful new year from all the committee of Adventure Angling Society.


Sun 31 October 2010

Please note the AGM will be held on the last Tuesday of November (30th) at The Jolly Farmer Public House Cliddesden from 8 pm.

We have been advised of the shooting calender that will take place around our venue at Willow Pool. We advise you to avoid fishing at the venue on the dates listed as not only will there be a lot of noise it also gives the shooting parties a much safer environment to shoot in.

The dates are 6 Nov, 20 Nov, 11 Dec, 23 Dec, 27 Dec, 3 Jan, 15 Jan and 29 Jan.

Other news that has been annouced is on the RDAA front. After falling sales this year they have decide to give up the Northmoor (River Thames) and Calcot Mill (Holybrook) venues. These venues are little used and in the case of Northmoor a long way from Reading.

The RDAA permit will change considerably next season being of a credit card shape and relying on their website for venue directions etc. Please tell all your friends who do not have access to the website to retain the current book for next season if they require directions to venues.

More information can be found by following the links to RDAA website.

Sat 09/10/10

Welcome all to our new website. Please take time out to familiarise yourself with it.

We will be putting regular news updates on this page.

Please note that the AGM will be held on Tuesday 30 November 2010 at Jolly Farmer Cliddesden 8pm

Many anglers at Willow Pool have met our resident bailiff, Scott, and asked about donations made for fish buying. Well we raised about £280. Firstly a big thank you. Secondly please be assured that this money will go towards the fish and due to a very good summer and increase in membership the club will add some more money to the fund. We are now assessing how best to ensure that any fish bought do not fall foul of cormorant predation. We have many ideas on the stocking policy. No doubt there will be more put forward at the AGM.

We intend to clear the car park at Willow Pool in the near future and remove lots of vegetation so that more cars can be accommodated.

We still advise all members not to use keep nets when pleasure fishing at Willow Pool.

A set of keys has been found at the venue by our bailiff. We would love to return these to their rightful owner o please give Scott or our Secretary a call to describe them and we will arrange for their safe return.

Any photos of fish caught on any of our venues including RDAA, will be gratefully received and if suitable uploaded to our gallery.

As some of you will be aware we host The Dove School and Brighton Hill School at Willow Pool to promote angling. We have received a wonderful letter of thanks from the staff and children at Dove School. This is so rewarding for the time put in to this by Roger Sargeant a big thank you back.

Our team in the RDAA team of 6 match last weekend finished 5th overall. Pride of place and a wonderful day to boot goes to Sean Barrington who won his section at Beat 5 with 26lb 14oz of Roach and Dace. Sean came second overall beaten by an angler who banked 3 barbel for a 27lb+ catch. We know which day's fishing was more preferable! 

Finally remember we are all amateurs that run the Society with most of us still working so things do take time to come to fruition.