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News Letter


Last year I wrote the following: -


'Every ten years or so, the farmer rotates potatoes into the field by the lake.  Should we be lucky enough for the summer to be long and warm it may be necessary for the farmer to exercise his water extraction license and pump some water out of the lake?  We have therefore taken the opportunity to increase the water level to account for this.'

Nobody could have predicted how dry the summer would be and the level of extraction needed to maintain the crops. I am glad to say that the water levels have been restored and that we did not suffer any substantial fish losses.  The fishing reports I have received indicate that the fishing just keeps getting better. As a silver fish venue in the south of England I believe our venue is second to none. The Carp as always remain some of the hardest fighting and best looked after. We would like to keep them that way, so please treat our fish with respect.  

We are pleased to say that we will be keeping the Willow Pool and canal permit prices static once again. Please ensure you use the correct application form and fill it out in a manner so that someone else can read it.



Membership Options


Senior Adventure Angling (Willow Pool with exchange tickets to other venues)

Basingstoke Canal Society fishing permit


Junior Adventure Angling (Willow Pool with exchange tickets to other venues)

Basingstoke Canal Society fishing permit


Senior Reading and District Angling Association


Concessionary Reading and District Angling Association


Junior Reading and District Angling Association




RDAA are offering a range of night fishing options at an addition cost. If you are interested in one of these then please refer to the RDAA website prior to submitting your application.


Willow is a deep lake and will now be somewhat deeper so please take care around the lake.  Please park sensibly in the car park area as it is not overly large and ensure that you clean up your swim at the end of every session and take home your litter.


Finally we hope you enjoy another year of sensational fishing at willow pool; tight lines.


The committee



Angling over the years has changed out of all recognition since the days of split cane rods and a wicker basket. RDAA was first introduced in those times as an affiliation organisation. It was a good way to achieve many waters for as many anglers in the area to fish and, also allow affiliated clubs to run the Association for the benefit of their members. Today many of the clubs affiliated have disappeared altogether and the remaining clubs’ membership has dropped to a point that they are unable to operate due to the lack of committee members.


Last season the ability to buy an RDAA permit on line with a credit card and without the need to be a member of an affiliated club was set up and this has proved very successful. For some years RDAA has been refused funding from the appropriate bodies because they were not a club but an affiliation of member clubs. With club membership falling it was imperative that RDAA altered the constitution to enable it to be a club and not an Association and in time apply for the grants available to improve the fisheries. This was approved unanimously by affiliated clubs at the AGM in March.


This means that RDAA will take over the selling of permits and individual permit holders will be able to attend the AGM in future. Affiliated clubs remain affiliated for the purpose of up to 12 free match bookings per year but anglers fishing these must be an RDAA ticket holder (either day ticket or season ticket holder on the day). Affiliated clubs will also still be able to sell RDAA season permits at face value (or more if they so wish). The price on line and at tackle shops will likely be more expensive to cover administration costs, therefore, it may well be cheaper to obtain the permit through AAS if you wish to buy an AAS ticket as well. Best check our (all inclusive) price against the cost of buying permits separately.


RDAA have finally completed the two new Farnham Flint fisheries and these will be available in the new season. With an on-site tackle shop available at weekends and some weekdays, it is expected that these two lakes will become popular for match anglers and pleasure anglers alike. One lake is stocked with silver fish and crucian carp whilst the other will be manly carp.

The Thames and Kennet both fished well last season and it is a shame that the art of river fishing seems to be dying out in favour of carp puddles. Join RDAA and give the rivers a try – 100lb bags of fish will rarely be on the agenda but the art of trotting a float downstream and wondering what will take the bait is still a joy to experience. AAS regularly has members fishing RDAA matches and have had great success in the last couple of years. If anyone wishes to fish these matches representing AAS then please contact Paul Wilding for a chat.