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Willow Pool

Willo Pool


The best fish recorded from the lake to date are:

  • Carp 22lb 8oz
  • Chub 4lb 2oz
  • Bream 8lb
  • Perch 2lb 14oz
  • Roach 1lb

Pleasure bags of over 100lb have been recorded.  Nethertheless the above is not necessary typical of the entire stocking or it’s potential.


Important information with regard to Willow Pool, the following is intended only as a brief guide and and is not a complete list. Please see the Rule Book for full details.

  • One rod only from March 1st through to September 30th

  • No audible alarms during the above period

  • No Boilies

  • No Bivvies

March 24, 2019 Adventure August 18, 2019 Reed Thatcham
April 14, 2019 Adventure August 25, 2019 Camrose
April 21, 2019 Adventure September 1, 2019 Adventure
May 12, 2019 Camrose September 22, 2019 Adventure
May 26, 2019 Swallowfield October 6, 2019 Swallowfield
June 2, 2019 Reading Civil Service October 20, 2019 Camrose
June 9, 2019 Adventure November 17, 2019 Adventure
June 22, 2019 Swallowfield March 15, 2020 Adventure
June 23, 2019 Reed Thatcham March 29, 2020 Camrose
July 7, 2019 Camrose May 10, 2020 Adventure
July 14, 2019 RAE May 17, 2020 Camrose
July 28, 2019 Swallowfield May 24, 2020 Swallowfield
August 11, 2019 Adventure    

Far Bank Closed For The Schools From 4-00pm 2018
7, 14 & 21 May.- 4, 18 & 25 June.- 2 July


Please Note. Adventure AS in partnership with the EA is actively promoting Angling to young people. To maintain this initiative it will be necessary to close parts or all of Willow Pool at short notice. Please respect any closure for the above purpose.

Exchange Venues

RAE Fishing Club - River Blackwater
Approx 13 miles of the River Blackwater at Eversley/Swallowfield. Offering Roach, Dace, Perch, Godgeon, Bream 5lb., Chub 6lb. Barbel 10lb, Carp 12lb, and Pike.

Stacey's Fishing Club
4 Lakes at Tadley, Barlows Old @ New, Market Lake and Soke Road. Mixed fishing offering Carp, Bream, Tench, Crucians, Roach, Rudd and Perch.


Cove Angling Club
Cove offer two venues. Cove Pit at Theale Post Code RG7 5DR and Chaley Park at Normandy Post Code GU3 2AA. More details to follow.


It is a requirement that to fish any of the above venues you must be in possession of a current and appropriate exchange permit. All of the above venues are regularly bailiffed and have secure Parking.

For more information and permits contact Roger Sargeant on 07770-928304